Commercial and Intellectual Property Arbitration

Though litigation is often used to resolve commercial and intellectual property disputes, alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, can be very effective.  Arbitration has been used for decades to solve these types of disputes.  The process makes it easier and more efficient to settle disputes related to contracts, sales disputes, commercial torts, intellectual property license, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights.READ MORE

Commercial and Intellectual Property Mediation

Commercial and intellectual property disputes are some of the most difficult to resolve. Many end up in court, but disputing parties often walk away from litigation proceedings feeling dissatisfied and wondering if there were better options they missed. The truth is there is a better way to resolve intellectual and commercial property disputes: alternative dispute resolution. Keeping a matter out of the courtroom and using an ADR method like mediation saves time and money, and provides a clearer path to a better solution.READ MORE