Commercial and Intellectual Property Mediation

Commercial and intellectual property disputes are some of the most difficult to resolve. Many end up in court, but disputing parties often walk away from litigation proceedings feeling dissatisfied and wondering if there were better options they missed.

The truth is there is a better way to resolve intellectual and commercial property disputes: alternative dispute resolution. Keeping a matter out of the courtroom and using an ADR method like mediation saves time and money, and provides a clearer path to a better solution.

Mediation offers a number of benefits when it comes to resolving disputes that involve, contracts, competitive issues, or intellectual property disputes concerning, patents, trademarks, or trade secrets. In addition to saving time and money, the process also gives significant control to the disputing parties. Not only do they decide who facilitates the mediation and when and where it takes place, they also determine the outcome of the dispute. The mediator assists them in exploring potential solutions, but does not get a final say in the matter. It is the disputing parties who determine what resolution fits best, and mediation is only successful when both parties agree on a single solution.

Mediation is private, so nothing discussed during the proceedings can be used against either party, nor does it become a matter of public record. This is extremely important in cases that involve sensitive proprietary information. And since mediation is based in communication, there is a good chance the mutually beneficial relationship disputing parties share will be protected and work can continue once the dispute is resolved.

Are you involved in a dispute that concerns commercial or intellectual property in Minnesota or elsewhere in the country? David Allgeyer can help. For 30 years, David was a partner at the law firm of Lindquist & Vennum. He is an experienced litigator, but understands the courtroom is not the best place to resolve all legal issues. He has mediated disputes related to contracts, distribution, sales, business disputes, and intellectual property protection and licensing involving patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and unfair competition. He has successfully mediated cases ranging from all forms of intellectual property to commercial disputes to other areas of civil law.

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