Commercial and Intellectual Property Arbitration

Commercial and intellectual property can be difficult area of law to manage, especially with the Internet and the global economy.

Though litigation is often used to resolve commercial and intellectual property disputes, alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, can be very effective. Arbitration has been used for decades to solve these types of disputes. The process makes it easier and more efficient to settle disputes related to contracts, sales disputes, commercial torts, intellectual property license, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights.

Many companies and individuals prefer arbitration because it is less expensive than litigation, but the process offers several other benefits when it is used to resolve commercial and intellectual property disputes. Arbitration:

  • Is a private and confidential process
  • Helps disputes be resolved faster than litigation
  • Reduces the likelihood the existing relationship between disputing parties will be damaged
  • Can make it easier to enforce the resolution

Additionally, arbitration gives control to disputing parties because they are allowed to choose the arbitrator, and the date and location of the arbitration. Working with an arbitrator who is an expert in a given field makes it easier to resolve the issue efficiently.

Are you facing an intellectual or commercial property dispute? David Allgeyer can help. For 30 years, David was a partner with Minneapolis, Minnesota law firm of Lindquist & Vennum. He has decades of litigation experience, and has also spent a great deal of time focused on arbitration. He has arbitrated cases throughout the United States, including issues involving contracts, business disputes, sales distribution and intellectual property matters involving licensing, patents, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and unfair competition.

David is a member of the AAA Commercial Panel, and was appointed Panel Chair, sole arbitrator or panel member in over 70 business or intellectual property disputes in Minneapolis, Minnesota and throughout the country.

If you would like to know more or you are interested in scheduling a consultation with David, contact him at 612.227.8715 or by email at [email protected]